So tired today!

Image, All three boys are fast asleep after putting them to bed a bit earlier tonight. Dean is at CrossFit doing some strength training and I’m sitting here catching up on my shows on My Sky and eating dinner.


Some days with Peyton are friggen hard! Finding ways to help him cope with his anxiety to get him to self soothe instead of constantly needing a cuddle is hard. Don’t get me wrong I always love a big hug from my oldest baby but I’m not always around so need to teach him some coping strategies for if Mum and Dad aren’t there! Right now we are working on counting to ten and breathing. It’s going to be a slow process!


ImageToday’s silver lining he got through his handwriting and asked to write another story, drew an Amargasaurus, and helped me out at the shops and is pretty happy with his new “soldier” pants.


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