Mr Independent

Imagedoes not like overallsHappy mr independent

I don’t know if it’s because he’s the youngest of three or if it’s just who he was born to be (most likely a combo of both!) but at 20mths old Eli is so different to what his older brothers were like at the same age.

He climbs the 6 foot high playground equipment with no concept of fear or that it is dangerous – he just does it because he knows that he can. He doesn’t think about falling or hesitate to try, he just sees what he wants to do and does it.

He confidently walks around Hunter’s kindergarten an area designed for three year old plus and I have no worries about him as he makes new discoveries and just gets on with the business of being a little boy and exploring his world.

He speaks up for himself and let’s you know what he wants. He’s just one of the boys – he doesn’t see himself as nearly two. He’s a big kid  too in his mind.

This morning I dressed him in a shortsleeved white onesie and a pair of denim overalls – I am a sucker for a little kid in overalls! My boys have had several pairs from newborn up to toilet trained age. I just love them.

Eli however does not share my enthusiasm for them and as soon as they were on him he was trying to get them off. I eventually gave up trying to keep them on him and he pulled them off with delight, ran to his room and picked out a t-shirt and shorts from his drawers and brought them to me.

This is not the first time he has exerted his independence in his fashion choices. I have learnt to let go and just let him wear what he wants – it’s just clothing afterall. If he wants to wear 2 tee shirts and a pair of undewear of his camo pants he can go for gold.


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