My house is a mess…


but my children are happy!

The boys are having some quiet time with a Land before time dvd and I’m about to clean up the aftermath of a fun hectic day before heading up the road to Pilates once Dean gets home.

Peyton got through his handwriting, dinosaur work (Stigymoloch today!) and all three came with me to Crossfit (yah Mummy Class Wednesdays!) and hung out with Coach Carli. Eli was a heck of a lot better with his clingyness to me and was happy to sit in his pushchair next to me while I rowed 2.4km!!!

We spent the afternoon at Hunter’s kindy. We weren’t planning on staying but Peyton and Eli were having fun and then some of the kids flooded the bathroom so I ended up helping to clean that and we kind of just stayed! Peyton spent most of the time outside at the dinosaur setup and helped feed the worms in the compost bin. Sometime was spent on the science gear and making letters with the peg boards.

I was approached by another Mum who knew I homeschooled and had a great conversation with her about it. She is wanting to homeschool to but like most of us is scared of that unknown. We are both on the same thought pattern and with our philosophies and ideals for our children. It was great  to have that talk with her and I hope for my own selfish reasons she decides to do it as it would be great to build a support network as living where we live isn’t exactly abundant in homeschoolers.

We exchanged emails and I’m sending her off all my links tonight as she is struggling through and extremely old book on home education in New Zealand that is well out of date and has her feeling very overwhelmed!


Right the house work is calling me – I need a fairy!



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