The Advantage of Homeschooling



Last night we went to Hunter’s kindy disco. It was heaps of fun the kids had a great time. We got home late and by the time all three were tucked up in bed with their glo sticks it was after 8pm before Dean and I sat down with some chinese takeaways.

This morning everyone seemed to think getting up at 6am was a brilliant idea (I’m going with brilliant as that is “the word on the street” on Sesame St this morning). Eli woke up Hunter who is still lying in bed in no hurry to move, Peyton is at the kids computer watching the youtube playlist on Dinosaurs in complete silence but is singing all the words as he’s watched all the songs that many times he knows them by heart. Eli is cruising around and I’m pretty sure he was trying to fill his pants so I’d better get on to that in the next few minutes!

I’ve facebooked and my day has already started off happy despite the earliness of it as  a friend has given birth to her 3rd while we were all busy dancing. Welcome little Indiana and we all hope you get out of NICU ASAP!!!

There will be no panicking or rushing or yelling at tired children to get in the car for the school run this morning. They can stay in their Pj’s, have a shower later on this morning and we can ALL have a nap, do the grocery shopping together and then if the weather allows it we will cruise on down to the park for our phsyed lesson.

I love that our daily schedule can change to the boys needs each day. Instead of falling asleep or crying at school because he’s tired and can’t concentrate on a maths lesson he can let his body rest and we can do maths at the supermarket.

Right coffee is calling my name and the baby is teasing the four year old with a glo stick


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