Early mornings, rugby and tears

Saturday mornings are now officially hectic. Both Peyton and Hunter are playing nursery grade rugby and most of the time their games are at the same time. Rugby is followed straight away by Crossfit Training so it’s a scramble to get from one club to the next with all three.

This morning we waited to see if the torrential rain we’ve had the last few days would cancel the games. I secretly hoped it would as Hunter’s game was starting at 8am as a couple of fields are still out of action so they are staggering the U5 and U6 playing times. Breakfast was manic and I think I shovelled weetbix down Hunter’s throat and we quickly got everyone dressed and stuff thrown on the cars.

Dean took Hunter and the other two came with me. Crap! Hunter was player of the day and I’d said get oranges for half time. Stop in at fruit shop and grab 4 oranges (I remembered to pack a knife and little chopping board). Peyton “I forgot my ball!!!” Drive back home grab rugby ball and jump back in car and head to club.  Make it in time to catch most of the first half of Hunter’s game and cut up the oranges.

Hunter’s getting abit more into it this week (3rd game) and no longer needs Dean on the field with him. He nearly got a a try on the last few minutes too.

Peyton’s game was a whole other story. Despite lots of yelling encouragment from the sidelines he was playing one of his worst games ever. We know he’s not that athletic but today took the cake. For some unknown reason as soon as that boy gets on the field his ability to run disappears. He cried – a lot. Claimed he was tired, fiddled with his mouth guard constantly, fell over at one point and refused to get off the ground.  It was hard for Dean to watch especially. He loves our boys with all his heart and soul but I know he would just like it if one of them showed a bit of skill on the field. (We had a slight argument over “normal” children once we were home later and I’ll admit even I had a a slight cry as I hung out the washing – some days are fucking hard and yes I happen to like the F word so you’ll have to excuse me sometimes!)

The game ended, moods picked up. Peyton enjoyed playing with his mates in the clubrooms.  Peyton enjoys the commradery (please excuse my spelling I know that is wrong!)  mostly and so we’ve made a decision that if is abilities don’t pick up by the end of the season he will do scouts next year instead of rugby. I think scouting will be his thing. We had planned on scouting anyway but rugby might just fall by the wayside completely for him. We just want him to be happy and ending up in tears on the rugby field is not doing that!

Half his problem is he seems always tired. He eats a great balanced diet. I’m going to get him some magnesium this weekend and he is already on fish oil and tonight he was in bed at 7pm and was out to it pretty quickly. We are going to be strict on bedtime and no getting up before 7am either!!!

The afternoon was a lot happier snuggled up on the couch watching The Labyrinth which none of mine have seen before and they loved it. There was also some time spent naked running up and down the grassy bank in our yard followed by warm showers, dinner and marshmallow easter eggs (hijacked from Grandma’s house) and milos._MG_0022 _MG_0061 _MG_9985 _MG_9995


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