End of an era

2013-04-21 10.00.12

Today I went to the Plunket Baby Fair with a car load of clothing, toys and other baby paraphanalia and labelled the table I was at “THE MAKE ME AN OFFER TABLE!” I wanted to get rid of as much stuff as possible!

2hrs later and I was left with only 2 containers of stuff and all the big bulky stuff gone and $179 more in my wallet than what I arrived with. Success!

Once home we sorted again through the clothing and made 2 piles – one for stuff to still try and get a little money for and the rest to donate to the clothing bin outside of Hunter’s kindy. So this week’s job is to list all the left over stuff on Trademe and put that money with the money that was made today to go towards a big boy bed for Eli.

Then it will be bye bye cot and bye bye change table and bye bye phil and teds pushchair (which we have survived without and has sat folded unused in Eli’s room for over a year).  Pretty soon the only baby stuff left in this house will be my one container of my few favourite outfits and all the beautiful hand knitted woolens that my Mum had made before she died. The handknits are all waiting patiently for my brother and sister for when they both have kids! Which had better not be any time soon for Kim as much as I would love to be an Aunty!

I’m not sad at all that we are at the end of our baby stage. I don’t get clucky when I see a pregnant belly or a newborn. Eli is nearly the same age that Peyton was when Hunter was born and I can’t even imagine him being an older brother. He will always be my littlest baby boy – my Boo Boo, my naughty cute danger baby.

I took him with me to look at beds and he fell in love with the fire engine bed which to his disappointment we are not going to be getting! It was nice just having time with him and only him. He smiles at me from his seat and says in the sweetest voice “Mummmmmy!” “Eli!” I reply back and he giggles. “Just you and me baby!” I tell him and the “Mummy!” “Eli!” chat continues on for another 10 minutes.

2013-04-21 14.44.242013-04-21 16.28.222013-04-21 16.30.42

I am looking forward to the next chaper in parenting with all our boys at the ages and stages they are at. I will miss those winter nights snuggling my newborn but I have no desire to go back and repeat them again! This uterus has closed shop indefinitely


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