Just another day!

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Well it’s officially the school holidays but of course to us that means nothing except no kindy for Hunter and easier to catch up with non-homeschooling friends.

The only formal work Peyton did yesterday was handwriting and he wrote a story about a dinosaur (surprise surprise lol). We watched The Lorax and read it for Earth day and then Peyton drew a picture of Truffula trees. Small discussion on trees and why we need them.

We were supposed to meet someone at Whitcoulls that is interested in homeschooling but we were running a bit late and then the torrential down pour when we arrived at the shoping centre did not help that anymore. We missed them but still enjoyed our hot chocolates and fluffies (I much prefer the name babycino!). We explored Whitcoulls for a bit then I made the executive decision to shoot on over to the temporary Pumpkin Patch outlet store to get a winter jacket for Peyton.

The discussion in the car as we travelled from one shopping centre to the next was a guessing game. The boys and I took turns describing dinosaurs (and then it moved on to animals) and it was really cool to hear all the information they had learnt about dinosaurs from the past few months be put into action. Want to know about dinosaurs just come on over! Learning on the go always!

Mission Jacket was completed complete with escaping toddler, me running and abandoning the jacket on the floor in my hast to catch Eli before he escaped the shop! Lesson learnt for me – ALWAYS take the pushchair!!!!!

We still had time up our sleeves before Crossfit so we moved on to the furniture shop a bit further down the road and paid a 50% deposit on Eli’s new big boy bed. Now it really is time to sell the baby furniture! So that has been photographed this morning and will be going on Trademe later on today when I find the camera cord!

Mad dash home to grab Peyton’s sneakers for crossfit and then to the gym to drop him off. It’s great now Dean is interning as the kids coach as it means I don’t have to stay as Dean brings Peyton home we do a quick handover of parenting duties then I got to Crossfit. Monday afternoons are a little mad. The madness has been made easier by cooking the week’s meals for those hectic afternoons on Sundays and freezing them. Still good nutrition and saves us at least an hour a day!


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