That’s a w(RAPTOR) ;)

Well today we finished off our dinosaur study. We’ve been doing it for a good 2 months and we covered the bases and mainly focused on carnivores, herbivores and features of dinosaurs. We could honestly spend all year on it really there is just so much to learn. Our best resource has been episodes of Dinosaur Train and the Dinosaur Train website (  We made another brainstorm of what we now know about dinosaurs and well that brainstorm could have taken up pages too!

2013-04-26 10.45.172013-04-26 10.44.48

(dinosaur train a-z song)

It has been awesome to see Peyton so interested in a topic and keen on learning (my original plan for the start of the year was Maori myths and legends and well he just wasn’t interested at all!!!) – he has impressed Dean with his knowledge and being able to name a dinosaur for every letter of the alphabet.

We are going to take a week break from topic study and focus on the basics next week (handwriting, reading and maths) while hanging out with our nonhomeschooling friends.  Our next topic is American Wildlife – yet another study that we could do all year! I’ve triend to limit it too about 15-20 animals!!! We have sort of kicked that off today with watching “The Princess and the Frog” after lunch.

2013-04-26 13.05.212013-04-26 13.11.312013-04-26 13.10.11

We spent most of the morning at the park with our friends, lots of climbing and scootering, jumping in puddles and big piles of leaves. There was even a rescue of Hunter who has been told countless times to NOT climb the viewing towers as he can’t remember how to get back down!! “Mummy you are like a firefighter rescuing me!” Gotta love him! Then the rain set in and all you could see was children and Mum’s dashing for their cars with scooters, bikes and prams in tow! The icecream man did not have much business today in the cool wind. Autumn has well and truly set in.

2013-04-26 11.55.152013-04-26 11.57.192013-04-26 11.57.42


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