This too shall pass

Think I need to get this tattooed on me – it should be everyone’s mantra especially in parenting!

So we have listed the cot and changetable on Trademe and yah the cot has already met our $2 reserve and so now whether it stays at that or goes for more it is officially goneburgers and so that means the big boy bed transition will be happening for Eli!!! This is nothing new for us as we’ve been through it with Peyton and Hunter already. They were a breeze. Cot went down (small rooms plus we like the out of sight out of mind philosophy) bed went in and they just accepted it. Peyton got in and out of his bed several times the first night and there are several photos of him asleep on the floor. Sleeping behind the door was another favourite spot for him too – that was always fun to try open the door without it hitting the toddler too much!


(Peyton and Hunter when they first went in to a bed)

Eli however is going to be a whole different story. We just know it already – he is our “naughty” one. Or as I have recently come to call him in the past few months after following the wonderful heartbreaking blog, spicy! I told my friend this at the park on Friday and she loved that description and wholeheartedly agreed it was Eli to a tee!

Eli was a placid wonderful go-with-the-flow baby for the first six months of his life. Our dream baby! Then he started teething and a full night’s sleep has been a rare occasion in this house for the past 14mths. Nothing could comfort him except a small bottle of milk and a bit of pamol. And so began the bad habit of a bottle to get him to go back to sleep. He hasn’t had teething pain for a while now but he still religiously wakes for his “bobble”. With the big boy bed thing happening we thought we’d better get him out of the midnight bottle habit.

They say it takes 3 days to form a habit and a week to break it. Well we just finished night 4 and it was a nightmare like the previous nights. I offered him a bottle of water the first couple of nights. Needless to say he was not impressed. The first night was not too bad he went back to sleep with no milk. Night two he has realised what I am trying to do! “BOBBBBBLE! MAAAMAAAA!” cue lots of of screaming and tears. If we go in and comfort him, tell him he is ok, readjust his blankets he giggles and does his cute act. Leave the room and the drama begins again. Last night was no better. Dean was great and when Eli called for me he went instead. We survived the night and so did Eli with no bottle. This too shall pass. This too shall pass. This too shall pass.

It had better as these bags under my eyes could soon hold pocket change 😉

Bring on tonight

(just editing and success on night 5 – he slept right through whoop whoop I feel fantastic after not having broken sleep either! long may it last!)


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