Sheep World!

Thanks to I grabbed us some 50% off passes to Sheep World in Warkworth and we planned a trip with our close friends for when it was the school holidays. Well field trip day was yesterday.

I was up organised and we were on the road following behind Brig at 9.35am (was supposed to be 9.30am but a certain five year old needed to have a quick bathroom stop at Grandma’s while I printed off the vouchers! Hey better than needing to go once we got on the motorway!)

Eli fell asleep ten minutes in – perfect! He slept the whole way there so was nice and fresh for our day. Hunter had about a half hour nap too. He falls asleep so easily in the car, it’s great. Peyton was wide awake and excited. We chatted the whole way up. I told him lots of things about how I used to come up north all the time when I was a kid with my family. How it was Nana’s happy place. I freaking got tears in my eyes driving through Hungry Creek. I haven’t been this far north in 8 years and the last time I came up here was not long after Mum had died so was very raw and emotional time.

We got to drive through the road toll tunnel. I told Peyton to take a photo to show Daddy. He took selfies instead.


We finally arrived at Sheep World. The kids all had morning tea and then we went on in to watch the dog show. The kids though Sam the dog was great. Hunter compared the sheep being shaved to when Dean shaves his hair for him. They feed the lambs, held bunny rabbits. Eli was scared of everything – poor baby! Feed the big sheep, cows, pigs, alpacas and goats. Ran around like crazy on the obstacle course. Time went by quickly and next thing we knew it was 1pm so though we had better feed the troops!


Lots of time spent back and forth between the playground, playhouses and the picnic table. Eli of course was Mr Independent on the playground and was giving Brigitte heart palpitations as he climbed up to the high slide.


They all bought a popsicle from the cafe and played some more. Pretty soon it was time to pack up and trek back to the city. My three little men were shattered. Eli was asleep in the car not far down the road. Hunter managed to see the road toll tunnel then he was out to it and not far behind was Peyton.


We turned up at Crossfit and Peyton tried to get into it but was just shattered. Hunter had gotten his second wind however and stayed with Dean (who is interning to be a kids coach) and did an awesome job keeping up with the big kids.

I was so proud of my boys and their excellent behaviour from them all day. Even Boo Boo’s tantrums were a rare occasion. Will definitely be going back – might even take Dean with us next time.


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