Nebulisers and lemonade iceblocks


Today was supposed to be Hunter’s first day of morning kindy. Instead he spent the night sounding like a seal and sleeping on my chest for half of the night. Poor baby was not well when he got up 😦 I cancelled my crossfit class and the childcare for Peyotn and Eli and rang the docs instead. Hunter dozed on the couch and managed half a banana and a rice cake. They all had a nice warm shower and by the end of it our house smelt like methol and lavender – good ole Rawleigh’s spray!

Off to the docs and I made an appointment for Peyton too as he’s not 100%. Hunter took his lightining mcqueen pillow with him and just lay on the window seat in the waiting room. Never seen him so sick.


Through to Dr Thompson (who is amazing!!!) and checked them both over. HUnter did not like having his oxygen levels checked.


He was quite wheezy by this stage and so we were given antibiotics for both him and Peyton for chest infections and redipred for Hunter to help his lungs. Then we had to head to the radiologists up the road for a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia. Peyton and Eli had to stay in a little side room and I just had to hope that they would both stay there while Hunter had his x-ray. Hunter was so tired he couldn’t keep still properly but we got there in the end.

We stopped in at Gramps (who is reovering from his repair surgery) and picked up some tinned spaghetti for lunch as we are out. Then on home where they all snuggled up in the lounge. Got lunch into Eli, bottle and bed for him. Hunter fell asleep so I let him rest. Peyton had noodles that Gramps also gave us and little weirdo put chocolate chips in with them too! Whatever floats your boat mate!

Got some lucnh into HUnter so he could have his meds and then we watched movies and waited for Grandma to come over at 4pm so I could take little man back to the docs to check his O2 and breathing. O2 levels were fine but breathing was still laboured and wheezy. On the nebuliser he went.


He didn’t mind the nebuliser at all and we pretended he was like Darth Vader or Iron Man. Long wait for Dr T to come back and check – all I can say is thank goodness for I phones!!! Hunter perked right up while we waited and seemed much happier now that he could breathe properly. Dr T gave us some inhalers and a spacer for over the night incase his breathing gets funny again.


Finally back home where he prouldly told everyone how brave he was. Big hugs for Daddy and then “Can I have a lemonade iceblock?” Memory like an elephant as I told him he could have one when we got home before we even left for the docs. Iceblocks always make you feel better when you’re sick. After not eating much during the day he ate the whole iceblock and a big bowl of homemade mash vegetables.

I left all three boys in the extremely loving and capable hands of Dean and went to a 6.30pm pilates class which was nice to have an hour to myself.

Here’s hoping all his meds kick in and he’s a box of fluffies by the weekend.



Today my first baby is six years old.


I stayed up until 12.30am finishing off his birthday cake and cleaning the kitchen.

He was up just after 6am – he was very quiet out in the lounge/kitchen. I poked my head around the corner and he had his head in the fridge checking on his cake. He does this every year – it is the first thing he does on his birthday. He is so cute.

“Morning birthday boy.” I whisper through the darkness.

“Mummy you made my chewbacca cake…. I LIKE IT!!!!” then he jumped up like a koala and hung off me in a hugging embrace.


He came and hopped into our bed while we waited for his little brothers to wake up. Got bored of that and was too excited so he went and watched Lego Star Wars. Pretty soon Boo and Hunter were awake and he opened his presents (starwars tee, star wars puzzle, angry birds chocolate, dinosaur books and his own little point and shoot camera) then it was the mad rush to get ready for saturday morning sport

. IMG_3481

After his rugby game he handed out lollipops to all his team mates, enjoyed a sausage back at the clubrooms then it was on to Crossfit. He handed out more lollipops there and his awesome coaches had made today’s class birthday themed. He did his birthday burpees with his class mates and got to pick the game at the end of class.


Home for lunch and naps (he insisted he wasn’t tired but after laying with him and reading him his new dinosaur book he announced he was tired and he was out to it pretty quick and so was I!)

We dropped Eli off to Dean’s parents and picked up Peyton’s friend Cade and headed off to Jungle Mini Golf. Thank goodness we live in a city that has heaps of indoor activities available as it was bucketing down by the afternoon. The three boys had an awesome time playing golf and really starting getting the hang of it towards the end. They had been playing it a bit like hockey and didn’t understand that the less you hit the ball the better your score. “I hit it 8 times! I’m the winner!”


We stopped off at the fish n chip shop to pick up dinner for the kids and extra hot chips for the adults to snack on. Cade’s family joined us along with my brother (who after my spaz out the other day apologised for being a half arsed uncle and made the effort and Peyton was so happy to see him!), Dean’s parents and brother. Our next guests were welcomed and were a lovely surprise – Coach Aaron and Coach Jo! Peyton was so happy. Then I got a text from Coach Carli to see if we were still celebrating and so we waited for Carli and Cliff to arrive and then we did the cake.


Our lounge was covered in star wars and angry birds toys and ninja turtles and our house was filled with love for our little man.

It is amazing how people that have only been in our lives a short time feel more like family than most of our real family. Truly blessed we are to have such wonderful new friends in our lives.

Photos to come as I haven’t uploaded any yet!

(also Happy Star Wars Day Rockstar Ronan and FU Cancer xx)

When did he go and grow up?

Six! He’s nearly six – I want to cry writing that as he can’t believe how far my tiny baby has come and how wonderful he is turning out. I’m listening to Jango right now and the most appropriate song came on “mmmbop” one of my favourites and so true that only an mmmbop ago I was holding him all wrapped up in a fluffy blanket and now he’s nearly at my shoulders.

We went to the zoo yesterday and I got up at 6am (because Eli woke up after a night of being mcscreamy – yup his one good night bottle free only lasted one night!) and baked a cake. Chocolate was the request with chocolate frosting. Piece of cake! We had just enough lollies left over from the weekend to make into the shape of a number six on top of the cake and enough black fudge pen to write “HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEYTON!” around the cake.

Off we headed to the zoo. Got stuck in traffic and met up with everyone by the cockatoo. The macaws were out of their enclosure. This time last year Peyton would have flipped out, he hated the loud squawking noise and would quickly want to move on past them. Today he stood their in awe like everyone else (bar his friend that is scared of birds).  Just another little moment that shows how much he has grown.

I managed to lose Hunter in the rainforest. Had a quick look for him and then found a zoo staff member and informed her I had misplaced my four year old. His description was put out across the radio and we found him a few minutes later sitting with a volunteer chatting about parrots. I’m so glad my kids don’t freak out when they get lost. That makes it sound like I lose them all the time which I don’t! I’ve just taught them what to do and to not panic.

Lots of walking around and then it was time for lunch and the cake. Peyton was pretty chuffed with all his mates singing to him and being able to share his cake with his friends who aren’t going to be able to make it on his actual birthday.


Lots more walking around the zoo. Peyton taking blurry photos of animals and some pretty good shots too.

We stopped at the water feature and all the kids ended up soaking wet including Boo Boo who was fascinated with a waterfall.

We left pretty soon after that as Eli was over it. He left the zoo in only his nappy and the boys walked to the car with soaking wet shirts and shorts. Lucky for them I had packed spare stuff in the car. Eli slept all the way home and stayed asleep in his seat with the windows down and slept through the noise of the lawnmower man. Peyton and Hunter had a bowl of icecream  when we got home because I refused to pay zoo prices for icecream. IT’s so nice to beable to get out and enjoy our city even though winter is closing in on us!