When did he go and grow up?

Six! He’s nearly six – I want to cry writing that as he can’t believe how far my tiny baby has come and how wonderful he is turning out. I’m listening to Jango right now and the most appropriate song came on “mmmbop” one of my favourites and so true that only an mmmbop ago I was holding him all wrapped up in a fluffy blanket and now he’s nearly at my shoulders.

We went to the zoo yesterday and I got up at 6am (because Eli woke up after a night of being mcscreamy – yup his one good night bottle free only lasted one night!) and baked a cake. Chocolate was the request with chocolate frosting. Piece of cake! We had just enough lollies left over from the weekend to make into the shape of a number six on top of the cake and enough black fudge pen to write “HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEYTON!” around the cake.

Off we headed to the zoo. Got stuck in traffic and met up with everyone by the cockatoo. The macaws were out of their enclosure. This time last year Peyton would have flipped out, he hated the loud squawking noise and would quickly want to move on past them. Today he stood their in awe like everyone else (bar his friend that is scared of birds).  Just another little moment that shows how much he has grown.

I managed to lose Hunter in the rainforest. Had a quick look for him and then found a zoo staff member and informed her I had misplaced my four year old. His description was put out across the radio and we found him a few minutes later sitting with a volunteer chatting about parrots. I’m so glad my kids don’t freak out when they get lost. That makes it sound like I lose them all the time which I don’t! I’ve just taught them what to do and to not panic.

Lots of walking around and then it was time for lunch and the cake. Peyton was pretty chuffed with all his mates singing to him and being able to share his cake with his friends who aren’t going to be able to make it on his actual birthday.


Lots more walking around the zoo. Peyton taking blurry photos of animals and some pretty good shots too.

We stopped at the water feature and all the kids ended up soaking wet including Boo Boo who was fascinated with a waterfall.

We left pretty soon after that as Eli was over it. He left the zoo in only his nappy and the boys walked to the car with soaking wet shirts and shorts. Lucky for them I had packed spare stuff in the car. Eli slept all the way home and stayed asleep in his seat with the windows down and slept through the noise of the lawnmower man. Peyton and Hunter had a bowl of icecream  when we got home because I refused to pay zoo prices for icecream. IT’s so nice to beable to get out and enjoy our city even though winter is closing in on us!



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