Chocolate playdough and mud puddles




Now that Peyton is at school and Hunter is at kindy five mornings a week Eli is getting a lot of one on one time with his favourite person – me!

He seems to be adjusting his sleeps from mornings back to afternoons especially if he sleeps through the night!

This morning after our school/kindy run we finally made playdough together. It’s been on my to do list for months but somehow we just never got around to it and they just played with the store bought stuff.

Kindy made chocolate playdough the other week so feeling all inspired we did too. After a quick pinterest search for a playdough recipe as I couldn’t find mine we got started. Eli tasted the flour – he was not impressed ha ha. He ran to the bathroom for a facecloth to get rid of the taste out of his mouth. We added chocolate essence, ground ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon and cocoa powder to our mix.



It smelled soooooo good! It was like playing with chocolate fudge.

This was the recipe we used


(Hunter had a great afternoon playing with it too while Eli had his nap).

After playdough and yet another Wiggles dvd we went to the park and fed the ducks. This is Eli’s new favourite thing to do. We save the crusts that the boys don’t eat from their sandwiches. Eli is getting really good at feeding them and isn’t scared anymore after his first duck feeding experience (poor boy was surrounded!!!)

Ducks feed and chased and it was time for a swing and many instagram videos later! Seriously I am obsessed with this latest update on instagram! It is awesome. Unfortunately my phone battery died so I lost them all and didn’t even get to take one of Eli and the mud puddle.

It was a glorious moment in his toddlerhood. It was the best muddiest puddle. He needed no encouragement and jumped right in. Good muddy fun. Lots of jumping in and out, stomping and throwing big sticks in it. It ended with a great splosh as he fell over backwards in it. Most pleased with himself as we ran back to the car where he wiped his muddy hands all over the outside of the doors!

He left the park in his singlet and nappy – he wasn’t impressed at being this naked!

I plan for another day of messiness tomorrow – might even head back to that mud puddle but be better prepared this time!


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Process of Elimination – good bye excema!

Poor Hunter gets excema at the back of his knees and on his arms around his wrist area.
Last year we had him allergy tested last year and all that came up was dustmites. Unfortunately allergy testing through the scratch test only covers common allergens (dustmites, eggs, cats etc).

So we started pretty much changing his sheets daily and hot washing everything he owned. His excema cleared a little but still lingered. Then one day he came out in hives all over his body and was so uncomfortable and sore looking! He had us stumped. Nothing new had been added to his diet that we could think of – then I clicked! Cranberries! I’d been adding them to muffins and cookies to change things up a bit. Stopped feeding him food with cranberries and the hives disappeared.

It has sat quietly in the background for the past few months and crept back into existence the past few weeks. After chatting with Coach Jo (our crossfit coach and a fantastic nutritionist!) we realised apples have been causing his excema. Apples can be quite acidic. Here I was making porridge every morning with cinnamon, ginger and apples in it to get fruit in to him! Bad Mummy!!!

After a bit of googling acidic and alkaline fruits and vegetables I now have a new list of no go fruits for him. Cranberries were on the acid list, apples were conflicting but we are adding them to his no list too.

The No Go list:

All citrus fruit

The Ok to eat list:
All vegetables

So hopefully by eliminating the acidic fruits from his diet we can get his skin healthy again!

Hello I am the worst blogger ever


Um I haven’t written anything in a few weeks. Things have been busy, life was happening. A lot of things have changed since I last blogged. Peyton asked to go to school.

I knew in my heart that homeschooling was a temporary thing and I was emotionally not ready to let go of my baby boy. He’s been through so much. Was he going to cope in all aspects?

From when he asked I honoured his request and we went and looked at our local school and one not so local but still only a 5 minute drive away. I hated the local school. It was cold, seemed gloomy, the teachers and staff doesn’t didn’t feel very on to it. Nothing screamed out at me to say send him here! Even Peyton wasn’t interested in looking at anything. I’d heard that the classroom layout was slightly open plan but it was way to open plan for Peyton’s learning needs. He just does not cope with that many noises happening. You could hear every other class room. No way was he going there.

The next day we toured the out of zone school. We hadn’t even got to the school gate and I asked if he could go to this school because it felt warm – bless him! Even he got the same good feeling I did. The assistant principal was my little sister’s first school teacher and so has known our family for years at our old primary school. Peyton and I loved everything about the school. They had a space for him even though he was out of zone and didn’t even hesitate when I requested he be put in a year one class (the other school were suggesting year 2 – another warning sign!).

He asked every day for the next couple of weeks when he was starting. Grandma took him to buy his uniform and stationery. Awesome new lego back pack check! School shoes check! New lunchbox check!

4th June arrived and my wonderful FIL came and picked up Hunter and did the kindy run for me just incase I needed to stay with Peyton at school for a bit.

My goodness that first morning was slighly chaotic. Gone were our hanging out in your PJ’s until 8.30am days!

I walked him to his class, settled him in, he was so happy to be there. I said goodbye and see ya after school, I love you. I got to the school gate and sobbed all the way up the foot path to the car. I put Eli to bed when we got home and sobbed on and off all morning. That first morning of not knowing what he was doing was awful for me. Is he ok?

His teacher rang me at lunctime and he was doing great. What a relief. I still fretted until school pick up.

I was greet at 3pm by one super smiley guy bursting with stories about his day. My fears subsided a little at the sight of his happiness.

The end of the first week he was horrible on the Friday evening. So very tired. We did nothing all weekend and just cuddled and played. Week 2 has been smooth sailing. He has made a small group of friends and his reading has taken off.

I still worry about him but not nearly as much.

Eli is loving not having to share me either.