Process of Elimination – good bye excema!

Poor Hunter gets excema at the back of his knees and on his arms around his wrist area.
Last year we had him allergy tested last year and all that came up was dustmites. Unfortunately allergy testing through the scratch test only covers common allergens (dustmites, eggs, cats etc).

So we started pretty much changing his sheets daily and hot washing everything he owned. His excema cleared a little but still lingered. Then one day he came out in hives all over his body and was so uncomfortable and sore looking! He had us stumped. Nothing new had been added to his diet that we could think of – then I clicked! Cranberries! I’d been adding them to muffins and cookies to change things up a bit. Stopped feeding him food with cranberries and the hives disappeared.

It has sat quietly in the background for the past few months and crept back into existence the past few weeks. After chatting with Coach Jo (our crossfit coach and a fantastic nutritionist!) we realised apples have been causing his excema. Apples can be quite acidic. Here I was making porridge every morning with cinnamon, ginger and apples in it to get fruit in to him! Bad Mummy!!!

After a bit of googling acidic and alkaline fruits and vegetables I now have a new list of no go fruits for him. Cranberries were on the acid list, apples were conflicting but we are adding them to his no list too.

The No Go list:

All citrus fruit

The Ok to eat list:
All vegetables

So hopefully by eliminating the acidic fruits from his diet we can get his skin healthy again!


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