It’s raining and I’m over hospitals











I have been so busy with life the past few months that I haven’t had a chance to sit down and blog it out. I have time now.

Not in way I had hoped though. Peyton is spending his eighth night in hospital. Or Suckstipal as I’ve renamed it. The nurses are amazing and we are really being looked after it just sucks that we can’t be at home. It’s messing with our family dynamic. We just want to all be at home together again.

Little man is fighting off a muscle infection which apparently is just bad luck to get. He has a PICC line inserted in his arm that goes all the way into his chest. Dean and I learnt how to administer his antibiotics today. Dean is way more comfortable with it than I am. I’m worried I will screw it up once we get him home.

The past two months have been crap healthwise for us! Dean slipped his L5 disc in his back causing a prolapse and his hydrocortisone injections haven’t worked so he will need keyhole surgery. The only silver lining to that is that while he is off work getting ACC he has been able to watch Eli and Hunter and take shifts up at the hospital to give me a break.

Hunter’s eczema has been really bad – he is so allergic to dustmites at his kindergarten he is not allowed to physically sit on the carpet until it’s replaced.

Boo Boo has been good. He has really grown up this past month leading up to his second birthday/turning two and the few weeks after. His speech is amazing and he blows us all away with how smart he is. He moved into his big boy bed with no attachment issues to the cot.

Baby stuff is vanishing from our house as we pass it on to friends beginning their parenthod journey. I’ve packed away the things I’m to attached to in hopes I can bring them out for my grandchildren one day on the DISTANT future.

It’s raining but the rain is peaceful. Peyton asked to fall asleep to ‘Count on me’ by Bruno Mars but he loves it to much to fall asleep to it. “I need a sleepy song Mummy please.” So I put on the hauntingly beautiful “Safe and Sound” from The Hunger Games. Got to get my Swifty music in some how!

We have been showered in gifts for Peyton and meals from our rocking Crossfit family. I highly doubt we’d get this amount of support from an ordinary gym. This is what we love about Crossfit – the community of like minded people.

As much as I am over the hospital I am sooooo grateful that it is just a muscle infection. He will get better. We can fix this. We can take him home.

Those first couple of days when he was fighting fevers and they had no known cause for the pain in his leg I reached ultimate states of panic while keeping a calm demeanour on the outside. They wanted to do an MRI. Cancer, shit shit he’s going to have cancer. Dean’s family history isn’t fantastic with cancer so this is where my mind immediately went. And after doing a hell of a lot of reading on childhood cancers and families suffering through it thanks to stumbling across ROCKSTAR RONAN, I knew all to well how quickly happy families were destroyed.

I am forever grateful that it wasn’t and I pray it never is for us.

Right that’s enough rambling from me tonight. I’m going to go fall asleep to the sound of the rain outside my window.

Hopefully we will be able to get home tomorrow.


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