Sugar free September (except for Dean’s birthday!)

I’m going sugar free this month to better my health! I’m nearing the end of the first week which happens to me the husbands birthday so today is my one day this month I will eat that damn piece of cake and enjoy a peach vodka with lemonade!

It hasn’t been as hard as I thought, I’m not cutting out things that naturally have sugar like fruit. I am eating way more primal than usual and bacon and I are like best buddies! Nothing quite starts the day like some grilled bacon, roast kumara (sweet potato) and a strong coffee!

People complain that healthy food is expensive but in the long run it’s not. I haven’t snacked on unfilling potato chips (where I could usually and very easily consume a whole bag without realising!!!) and eating healthier has filled me up longer and buying and prepping stuff in bulk is cheaper in the long run too.

Bag of Potato chips on average $2 – might last a day. Bunch of bananas around the same price lasts me a few days and has obvious health benefits that far out way that bag of saturated deep fried fats!


This is going to be the start of me really enjoying food and being wise in my choices.


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