Crossfit Ninja Peyton!

Crossfit Ninja Peyton!

Mr 6 has proven his occupational and physiotherapist wrong this year. He had them for about 6mths before he turned five. They were through the public system and maybe turned up once a month and didn’t work consistently on the same things, thought he would need a teacher aide at school and got all snotty with me when I said we no longer wanted their service and to go help someone else because Mr then nearly 5 just needs time (and not be told in front of him all the things he CAN’T do every time they did see him! Talk about knocking his confidence.)

A year of homeschooling and he was ready for school at 6. Settled in great, absolutely loves it. Then last October he started Crossfit Kids and my awkward not sporty guy has improved so much with basic movement and confidence in himself. 

This August he had a bone infection in his left thigh and could hardly walk on it, spent a month off school in and out of hospital with a PICC line. 

Yesterday he got a new PR of 48cm for his box/plate jump.


Last year that just wasn’t even remotely possible as he had trouble jumping normally with two feet and even had trouble holding his own body weight. 

So excuse me while I sit hear beaming at the kid who was told by therapists all the things he couldn’t do.


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