Well Christmas day went fairly well – slight family feud in the morning but the rest of the day was great. All spoiled and filled up our tummies with delicious food. Shattered kids. Good memories.

We have spent a bit of time with my father and let’s just say that public places make interactions less awkward. Less pressure etc I think to have to make conversation and interact. We’ve been to Wynyard Quarter where Boo picked up scootering very quickly. We are going to the zoo tomorrow sun or rain! Love our zoo pass and the flexibility it brings with having young children! Then he flys back to the Gold Coast on New Years eve at midday.

No plans for the New Year yet but we have plans and I have resolutions and goals.

The standard weight loss get fit one is top of my list. I’ve put back on 5kg – mostly in my stomach area and butt! I’ve been lazy as when it comes to eating healthy this year especially the past 6 months and exercise went out the window. I need to be healthy for me and for the boys and Dean.

Second is for me to be a more positive person. A lot of my issues with that stem from my childhood. There wasn’t any physical abuse as such but there was a lot of negativity in our house which can be a hard attitude to break.

3rd focus is on Photography. Peyton and Hunter will be at school 9-3 and Eli will start kindy hopefully midyear. This leaves me more time to offer photography during the day and build up a better clientele. I have so many ideas running through my head (and all over my pinterest!) that I want to try so this is the year!

scooter boi

Bring on 2014


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