We love reading

Oh books how I love you! And so do my boys.

Most nights (there’s the odd one when it just gets too late or we get too busy!) we read bedtime stories. Having three boys we’ve read a tonne of books the past nearly seven years. Hunter and Eli are still into shorter simpler stories (cat in the hat etc) but Peyton has moved up a stage in where he can now read all of those ones aloud to himself. So the stories I read to him at night now are chapter books. We’ve read a lot of Roald Dahl ones last year. Dean bought a whole collection of them for $50 off a deal website. Ones to treasure always. We’re reading The Wishing Chair at the moment. The library is always our greatest resource of course and we book books online. I just bought 13 Goosebumps books off Trademe for $25. Score! Three arrived today in the post and he was very excited.

I am so glad they have a love of books and reading. It will take them far in life. I can’t wait to read more adventures with my sons, especially books I grew up with. Stuart Little to Harry Potter we will read them all.


Raise your arms Maurice! It’s more fun when you raise your arms like this!

If you’ve got kids or seen Madagascar 2 then you get the title ha ha!

There is a fun day event that lasts 4 days and happens every year at the Alexandra Raceway and it’s completely free!!!. I find out about it every year too late and always think ah well next year. Found out about it this year on opening day at 8.30am. “GET DRESSED! GET SHOES! WE’RE GOING OUT IN 15 MINUTES!”

Got there just after 9am and off we headed, small crowd, no queues pretty much and especially not for the rides my boys wanted to do. The bigger two braved the Ferris Wheel, Crazy circus fun house, big bouncy slide and climb. All four of us went on the rockin’ tugboat ride. Then it started to rain – heavy! Bad mummy didn’t grab the umbrella out the car or bring any jackets oops! So we ran to the marquee and they waited patiently while I went and grabbed a bag of hot mini donuts. Another mad dash back to the car and home for a movie day.


Sunday morning we were spontaneous again and all five of us went this time. Did all the same rides as last time and more. Teacups this time, and I was so excited that Hunter and Peyton went on the sizzler with me as that is pretty intense for kids who have never been on a fast or slightly scary ride before. We all went on the rockin tugboat again and I got them to raise their arms (except Hunter his BFF was the bar to hold on too). None of them were keen for the one that went up in the sky though! Ah well next year!

Best mornings ever!

Gold Star for me!

Gold Star for me!

it’s 12.45am – I’ve been trying to sort out a new website for work and edit wedding photos from yesterday’s wedding! I really need to go to bed. Damn that 2nd long black that my lovely husband bought me this afternoon!!!

I’m so proud of me this weekend! I drove all the way up to Kaeo near the Bay of Islands by myself. Survived the Brynderwyn hills and only got a teensy bit lost! Stunning little town but must admit I was so happy to see busy Auckland traffic again this morning. I am not a fan of rural roads and the idiots that drive on them. They scare the crap out of me!

So yah me!

Dean’s back to work this week 😦 Boys and I are going to miss him not being a big part of our daily routine anymore.