We love reading

Oh books how I love you! And so do my boys.

Most nights (there’s the odd one when it just gets too late or we get too busy!) we read bedtime stories. Having three boys we’ve read a tonne of books the past nearly seven years. Hunter and Eli are still into shorter simpler stories (cat in the hat etc) but Peyton has moved up a stage in where he can now read all of those ones aloud to himself. So the stories I read to him at night now are chapter books. We’ve read a lot of Roald Dahl ones last year. Dean bought a whole collection of them for $50 off a deal website. Ones to treasure always. We’re reading The Wishing Chair at the moment. The library is always our greatest resource of course and we book books online. I just bought 13 Goosebumps books off Trademe for $25. Score! Three arrived today in the post and he was very excited.

I am so glad they have a love of books and reading. It will take them far in life. I can’t wait to read more adventures with my sons, especially books I grew up with. Stuart Little to Harry Potter we will read them all.


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