Hello world

Well it’s been another busy few weeks/months!

Going through some bridezilla bullshit at the moment with work that will hopefully blow over due to my contract protecting me. It honestly gutted me so bad right to my heart as I work so hard on every job I do and it is my baby. Thankfully for me I have a great support network of family and friends, some of who are involved in the wedding world and photography who have told me to stick to my guns and hold my head high because it was their mistake and not mine. So we will see what happens with that!

Hunter started school a few weeks ago. He is getting there! His birthday party was pretty epic so think he is still coming down from the high of that. He is so beautiful and head strong that there have been a few clashes but nothing major. He is happy and that is what is most important. It is such a different journey for us as parents to what we did with Peyton but a good journey still.

birthday boysuper family

1st day of shcool

Eli is just to smart for his own good. He’s currently sitting in a cardboard box colouring it in. He is my little Rembrandt. Think we might have to hit an art gallery soon to increase his love of art. He loves creating so much. Everyone I talk to and that has seen his drawings is always really impressed at the level he draws at for his age.

joker vs batmanartist at work#artbyeli

He misses the boys a bit during the day but we are loving it just the two of us together. He is also currently obsessed with Frozen. I found this great printable for him


so he can build his own snowman.

do you want to build a snowman

The Sunday just been was filled with beautiful people and friends and new friends made too at my good friend Tanya’s (owner of NZFINCH) baby shower. Nothing is cooler than a picnic baby shower in your backyard with the sun, great food and good friends. I won a bottle of Lindauer too so that’s always a bonus!

Six weeks until holiday time for Dean and I!!! Countdown is so on!

Right that’s the latest from me!


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