A backfired April Fool’s

So the other day was April Fool’s. This is the first year I’ve decided to do something on the day. Nothing over the top – just a little fun with Dean and the boys. Dyed Dean’s milk yellow, the boys green. Put a plastic bug in between Dean’s sandwiches. Setup dinosaurs on the bench making milos. Peyton thought the green milk was hilarious and the dinos too.


Then I decided to do another one on Dean via private message on Facebook. I found in my due group from Hunter a photo of the pregnancy test from Eli. I reposted it in the group and had all the girls going – that was fun. Then I sent it to Dean.


D – What’s that?

M – a positive pregnancy test

D- Whose?

M – Mine

*big pause*

D – From when?

M – Eli lol

D – smart ass

M – did you panic my little April Fool xx
D – not really I was happy a little bit
M – well maybe you shouldn’t go to mr chop chop just yet
D – I know
So that left me completely speechless all day and no he wasn’t pranking me back. So there could be the pitter patter of little feet again in our house. Not anytime soon! There is seriously not enough room in our tiny house for another child and all the stuff that comes with them. And we sold EVERYTHING!!! So we would be starting fresh.

We put it to the boys. Peyton wants a sister. Eli is too little to care. Hunter thinks it’s stupid and he will call the baby BumBum and put it in the toilet :/ So we will see what happens in the next year or so.

Is it wrong I’ve already started name lists – I have given Dean first name naming rights but I have vetoe powers x 5.


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