Dear Thursday, You suck

I was sooooo organised this morning. Like unbelievably which is a rarity for us to be organised before 8.30am most days. I had an email from Hunter’s teacher apologising for the late notice but was I able to do his 6 week progress report this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon or Thursday morning at 815am. Wait when was this email sent??!! 15th April! Oh shit oops should probably check my emails everyday from now on.

Emailed her back at 6.30am this morning saying no problem we could be there at 8.15am. Then I was on a mission. I was wide awake after a rough night with a sick Peyton who needed me throughout the night because his throat is sore and he just need his mama.
I made milos, had a cold coffee in the fridge from yesterday afternoon so though sweet saved myself from having to do one extra thing this morning. Cooked a fresh batch of paleo pikelets for Hunter to take to school for lunch (my secret weapon for the kid who won’t eat fruit at school!) Got dressed, fed kids breakfast, ironed on name labels to school sweaters seeming the temperature had dropped and it’s windy as heck outside. Oh and POURING with rain – even cyclone Lusi wasn’t this wet and windy.

So here we were at 8.05am ready to go out the door. I sent the boys out with the keys like I do every morning while I check to make sure the lights are off etc. I go outside and no one is in the car, seriously guys I said why are you not in the car while it’s raining?!

It won’t open

Yup nope wouldn’t unlock with the button so had to unlock the driver door side with the key (1st world problems).

Dead battery – so dead it wouldn’t even make a pathetic attempt and sounding like it might start. No problem I thought I have the portable battery charger! Nope not able to find it anywhere in the garage at all. Ring Dean at work – he has no idea where it might be. So helpful. Phone is flat so charge that a bit to get FIL’s number, ring that twice and no answer. Missed the interview late for school by this stage.

So reported Peyton absent for genuinely being sick in bed and Hunter for the fact that today sucks and I had no way of getting him to school on time let alone at all today.

Peyton is back in bed watching a movie, Eli is dressed as Robin, Hunter took his uniform off and is dressed as Batman and they two of them are reading Thomas the Tank Engine books in the living room.

Dean told me to just chill and eat ice cream.

Well if he insists who am I to argue? 😉



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