The most amazing 10 days

Well Dean and I just got back from California on Wednesday and it was awesome! I’m getting through all our photos as I shot 80% of them in RAW so that will take a couple of days! There’s over 600 photos!!! It was really nice just the two of us. Seems so long ago already and we both miss it so much. Now to start saving so we can take the boys back next time.

Only bad thing is I got a slight cold over there and then that with the air pressure on the plane on the way back gave me an ear infection so that’s not fun right now!

Was nice to see our boys again and give them big long hugs. Eli wouldn’t let me go for about half an hour 🙂 Hunter needed the day off yesterday – poor little guy didn’t cope the best with us being away. He’s keen as to get back to school today though and it’s his news day so he’s taking the map of Disneyland and the Angels giant foam finger.

Right back to editing photos – it’s 5.30am but I can’t sleep properly because of my ear. Hoping the antibiotics kick in soon!


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