Holy crud it’s August!!!

School run
Crossfit run
Scout run
Creche run
Kindy run
Yarn supplies run
Coffee run

Pretty much what my life has consisted of the past 3 months!

I turned 30 in June! I was in complete denial and even hid my birthday from Facebook. I kept it quiet and let the boys ditch school on the Friday and we went and had hot chips at Mission Bay, played at the park and then went to the Coffee Club for coffee, fluffies and red velvet cake. Hunter has discovered a new dessert love.


My crocheting has taken off so I had to set up a little FB business page – QT Stitch to keep up with orders. I’ve just completed my first two amigurumi which are super cute! (baby Pikachu and a baby unicorn – design by Little Yarn Friends!) Both free patterns too if you do a quick Pinterest search. I’ve had to make my crochet board secret so I don’t look like a total crazy pinner 😉

Crossfit East Auckland did a fundraiser for Heart Kids NZ – Peyton got all shy with all the people watching but I’m so proud of Hunter for taking part for his big bro! They raised close to $1500 so that’s pretty awesome! Hunter was stoked he got to be in the local newspaper. (That makes all of us having made it in to the paper in the past 7 years – I win though 3 times hee hee)


Hunter has settled into school properly now and is doing well and enjoying it. Phew! He even has a girlfriend – they’re getting married in our front yard. I’m not invited. I have to remember to not leave my middle baby out as he can be very stereotypical of the middle child. Tonight we had an acapella session on his top bunk – everything is awesome!!!!

Peyton is impressing us so much with his reading and independence. Love that he gets up and makes breakfast for his brothers and cold coffees for me – so cute! Not entirely in love with the 7 year old attitude though – testing to say the least! He has just started Kea Scouts too – he loves it like I knew he would.

Eli turned three a couple of weeks ago. I am so sad about it. My little baby is growing up way too fast 😦 I just want to freeze him at this age forever. He’s trouble all over but my little partner in crime and a true mama’s boy. I love it especially as he was so hardwork as a baby. It’s nice to be on the otherside of that. He loves going to crèche and kindy. I love our little icecream dates together while the big boys are at school.

IMG_7141        IMG_7186

Had a great girly night out seeing Maleficent – if you haven’t seen it do! It was fantastic. Now I’m hanging out for Catching Fire Part 1.

We took the boys to Disney on Ice – we totally surprised them which was really cool. Peyton loved it the most. He was amazed by the iceskaters.


My love for Dean has grown more since our holiday – we truly needed that time to find us again as husband and wife and not just as Mum and Dad to Peyton, Hunter and Eli. I love that man so much.

Well that’s the past few months in a nutshell.

Once again I have stayed up to late on a Sunday night!


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