Bring it 2015

Once again I have neglected this poor little blog. I can’t remember what I last posted about! Anyway the past few months have been crazy! I have lost count of how many things I’ve crocheted this year must be close to 100. Finished up the last of the Christmas orders on Christmas Eve eve and had couple days off before starting on some barefoot sandals for a beach wedding. 2.5 pairs down and had better bust out the last one this weekend so they are ready. Much to Peyton’s delight I started his Superman amigurumi cuddly today and am half way through that too. The boys have a long list of things I NEED to crochet for them 😉 Guess what everyone will be getting for their birthday’s this year.

Well actually there is another reason to go handmade this year for all pressies because we are saving like crazy for the Disneyland trip in October. We have something else in the pipeline but I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it but I don’t want to jinx it but fingers crossed for a  green light in May for our big little dream. It will be totally amazing so I’ve been sending it out to the universe that it happens this year for us.

The boys school reports were not fantastic when it came to writing especially. I’m really disappointed in their teachers for not bringing anything up earlier in the year about concerns. We could’ve been on to things earlier and organised tutors. Hunter feel will come in to his own this year now he actually likes going to school but Peyton is so quiet he slips under the radar in the classroom 😦 Seems you have to be the naughty kid or the extremely academic to be noticed. So mean mummy has been making him write a diary every couple of days to improve his skills over the holidays.

We have the school pool key for the summer. Hunter still won’t put his head under – so glad we spent all that money on swimming lessons last term 😉 Hopefully he will tomorrow when we take his goggles. Peyton is just a fish but we will sign him up for lessons this term too as he has no technique.

Mr Boo Boo aka Eli is still our little baby. So grown up now – he stands to pee which was self initiated. May not be a big deal to most but it is to us seeming he was late to train! He took to it like a duck to water though and was our easiest yet! He has absolutely loved kindy especially Thursdays because Jaxon his best buddy is there. He is my little partner in crime during the week while the big two are at school and Dean is at work.

We decided after another slight fail beach trip that we are not beach people. Dean and I both feel the same about sand – it’s annoying and not enjoyable. We are fussy on beaches so travel nearly an hour to Orewa for nicer sand and sea-lice free ocean to paddle in for the boys to ask if they can go home after an hour. Give us swimming pools any day of the week!

Christmas was relaxing and wonderful. We hosted lunch only and did our own thing for breakfast and it was the best! No rush in the morning just hanging out in our pj’s eating pancakes and waffles with lots of syrup and cream all which went to my hips. Our pantry is stocked with junk food courtesy of Dean’s parents. So much sugar that I am a sucker for!

I am grateful for good health of our little family last year – no hospitals or surgeries. Hardly a visit to the docs all year which is a bit of a miracle with three young boys.

So here’s to good health and new adventures for 2015! Plans going to plan it’s going to be epic!IMG_0040 IMG_0055 IMG_0060

Other shit that happened the past few months in no particular order:
Halloween party at C3 and trick or treating
Dance festival at school

Boys plays at school assembly

Grandparents Day at school

Book parade

Santa parade school float

Tree lighting ceremony

Funday at school

Made our first gingerbread house – shit we even made two and neither collapsed #winning

Junior Athletics

Kapa Haka for Peyton


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