The best summer

This summer is amazing! We have had hardly any rain and getting out and about while Dean’s been off work. All of us have nice little tans (don’t worry we’ve been spf 50ing it up in this house with our fave sunblock Daylong – it’s this shiznit).

Our little Staycation has consisted of school pool most days, the zoo, Funfest, lots of icecream and the funnest (so not a word but whatever) game of bowling where I had my ass whooped by all my boys but I still got the only strike. Seriously I want those bumper bars on my turn!

I might take up bowling on Thursdays once the boys are all back at school and kindy. We decided the big two can have their birthday parties at the bowling alley this year on an early Thursday evening as it’s half price! Birthday’s for under $100 suits our budget just fine this year. Hunter has already picked out the cake he wants (Peter Pan) and we are on the countdown now – only 50 days to go!

Super proud of Peyton today who took on the octopus ride at Funfest. He double pinky promised me last night and waiting in the line he nearly psyched himself out but he did it! Going up high was fine and round round at high speed too. “Mum I love this ride!!!”

Then it started bouncing up and down as it went around and poor dude got his first experience of your stomach dropping to the floor. “Mum I feel sick!” I pulled him close and told him to close his eyes. “I’m losing my appetite!!!” God I was starting to feel a bit sick too. Not sure if only having a coffee for breakfast was better for it or worse. Once he got used to the motion he was back on top of the world again and I’m sure if they line hadn’t been so long he would definitely have gone on it again.

Going to miss Dean tomorrow when he’s back at work. It’s been an awesome three weeks.10888742_10152994946030050_3019980317367853274_n 10924824_10152994946710050_3644059287357915239_n


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