Crochet Fox hat pattern by QT Stitch


So I am completely crap at keeping this blog updated! But I’m in an awesome little group (well ok there is over 1000 of us) on Facebook started by Sarah from Repeat Crafter me for all of us crocheters to hang out and share our work and share our love of all things crochet! It’s a pretty inspiring group and there are some crazy talented people in there!

Anyway I’m pretty good I think and seeing a hat on Pinterest and making up my own pattern but I’m not good at writing them down and recently I’ve been asked if I have a link to the pattern I used and I’m all uh no I made it up and didn’t write it down. I just keep that stuff locked up in my head which I’m sure by now my brain just looks part Mummy, part camera and the rest resembles a ball of yarn.
But but but I finally did it!!! I wrote down the pattern for the Fox hat I made. I sat there at 5.45am this morning and while it was still fresh in my brain scrawled it down in my notebook.

So bare with me! I’ve never written a hat pattern before – I’ll be careful not to make mistakes.

Sorry it’s only in a child’s size at the moment – I might figure out the smaller sizes and really making it bigger shouldn’t be that hard for a good crocheter to do (I’d just make the redish part longer and keep the white/cream the same amount of rows so the face still works nicely)

You will need

Red coloured or orange yarn in 12 ply or I used 2 strands of 8ply held together as I really liked the colour of the yarn I had found)
cream or white 12ply yarn
black 12ply
small amount of brown 12 ply
6mm hook and a 4.5mm hook
stitch markers if you don’t like living dangerously

tapestry needle for weaving in all those pesky ends

This pattern is written in US terms
Starting with red yarn and 6mm hook Chain 2, 12 DC in first stitch. Join and ch2
2 DC in each st around. Join ch2 (24 DC)
1 DC, 2 DC (creating an increase) around. Join ch2 (36 DC)
1 DC, 1 DC, 2 DC(increase), Join, ch2 (48 DC)
1 DC in the next 7 stitches then 2 DC in the next giving you 54 DC in total, join ch2
Rows 6 – 10 are continued in the red with 54 DC around and joining and chaining 2 at the end of each around. Change to the white/cream and the end of row 10 and ch 2 with that colour.
Rows 11-14 54 DC around join, ch 2 and fasten off and then end of row 14

Ear flaps – Join white/cream and ch 1, 1sc in the same space as the join. SC across 11 more times (12 sc), ch 1 and turn
Decrease, 8 sc, Decrease, ch1, turn
Decrease, 6sc, decrease, ch 1, turn
Decrease, 4 sc, decrease, ch 1, turn
Decrease, 2 sc, decrease, ch1, turn
Decrease x 2, ch 1, turn
Decrease and fasten off.

For second ear flap repeat same as first one but do not fasten off at the last decrease. Instead Ch 2 and double crochet all the way back around then join and fasten off.

Braids – 12 long strands of the redish yarn for each ear flap

Ear outer (worked in the round) using the 6mm  hook (make 2)
Ch 2 with red yarn, 4 sc in the 1st ch
2sc in each st around (8sc)

1sc each st around (8sc)
1sc, 2sc increase (12sc)

2 rows of 12 sc
1sc, 1sc, 2sc increase (16sc)
1 row of 16sc
1 sc, 1 sc, decrease x 4 (12 sc) and fasten off

Ear inner with 6mm hook and white/cream (make 2)
I used a Foundation single crochet of 7 – of you don’t know how to foundation chain (seriously it’s like life changing in the crochet world) then I would chain 9 and sc back on the 2nd chain giving you a row of 7sc

At the end of that row ch 1 and turn
Decrease, 3 sc, decrease (5sc) ch1 and turn
Decrease, 1sc, decrease (3sc) ch1 and turn
Sc the last 3 stitches together, ch1 and turn
1sc and fasten off.

Sew the inner to the outer ear and then attach ears to the top of the hat.

Nose – red part (6mm hook)
Ch 9, Dc in the 3rd ch from the hookand then across to end of row (6dc), ch 2 and turn
DC decrease, 2 dc, dc decrease (4 dc) ch2 and turn
DC decrease x 2, ch 2 and turn
1dc, fasten off

Nose – black(6mm hook)
Ch 2, 6 sc in the 1st st
2sc, 2hdc, 2hdc, 2sc (all increase stitches) fasten off

Attach black part of nose to red part then sew on to hat so nose point is in the centre of the front of the hat

Eyes (make 2)
with 4.5mm hook and black yarn ch 2 and 6sc in the first ch, change colour to brown
2 sc in the next 4 (8sc fasten off
Small thread of white yarn to make eye catchlight

Attach eyes right where the cream meets the red on the hat on each side of the nose

Ta da your foxy little hat is done!

You may sell  items made from this pattern – just link people back here etc, don’t be a dick and sell the pattern as your own . Don’t use my images as your own

May your yarn be plenty and never have knots!

I hope like heck this pattern was easy to understand!

I ‘m on Instagram under @qtstitch if you’d like to follow all my crochet advent


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