Hello Blog sorry I forget about you

So wow its nearly the end of May already! We’ve had an insanely busy past 5mths.

I’ve been crocheting left right and centre for friends, family and paying customers. Boys have been back at school a term and had school holidays and are back again! The big two are both in Kapa Haka this year, Peyton marched proudly in the Anzac parade up at Stockade hill, got three kea scout badges and turned 8. Hunter has improved his writing skills dramatically, more confident at school thanks to his awesome teacher and turned 6. They both did swimming lessons and big improvements from both of them there!

We did bowling and then across the rd for McDees for both the big two this year. Easy peasy, and no mess at my house! Bonus is do it on a Thursday and bowling is half price!!

Eli is now enrolled back at public kindy to broaden his horizons! He started swimming lessons this turn and loves them  so yah!

I went to an amazing Ed Sheeran concert and had the best side stage seats ever. Seriously fluked getting seats that good! Was Epic.Ed is amazing – seriously go see him live!

We booked our holiday! Argghhh! Super over excited! Disneyland here we come – all five of us are mega excited. !64 sleeps to go!

That’s pretty much the past few months in a nutshell. Everything is going awesome! Happy kids, happy husband happy me! Life is good


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