QT Head bands – free pattern!


These headbands have been one of my best sellers this autumn season (so if you can’t crochet head on over to my facebook page QT Stitch or my instagram @qtstitch and you can order one there!)

I was in search of an easy heandband pattern but was never really happy with the ones I had found on Pinterest etc. I needed one that I could go to easily for different sizes without having to always guess chain amounts and the one I did with just a starting chain I found really tight on the one side. So for these bands you will need to know how to Foundation Half double Crochet! It still is slightly tighter but gives a lot more easier when pulling it on your head! I crochet quite tightly just a side note.

Yarn – pretty much anything from 8ply-12ply that is nice and soft! ( I tend to use two strands with some of the stallion 8ply is it’s on the thinner side and I like my headbands thick!)

5mm hook

0-3mths FDHDC 48 and slip stitch together to form a circle ch 2 and turn, 48 HDC’s around join, ch 2 and turn until you have 10 rows total. I found turning it gave a slight ribbed effect which I really like. When you finish off leave a long tail for wrapping around over the joins (hiding them completely and giving you a seamless look!)

3-6mths FDHDC 52 – then 9 more rows as above
6-12mths FDHDC 56 – 9 more rows as in the 0-3mth pattern
12-18mths FDHDC 60 – 11 more rows as in the 0-3mths pattern
18mths – 10yrs approx. FDHDC 64 – 11 more rows as in the 0-3 mth pattern
Tween – adult FDHC 68 – 11 more rows as in the 0-3mth pattern

I call the bands Quinn (no bow) and Taylor (bow) – these were the two top name choices for Mr 3 had he been born a girl and the Q and T work in with my crochet business name!

For the bow FDHDC 25 and work the same as the bands and to the same height as whatever size band you are making. Leave a long tail and secure on to the band before wrapping the rest of the tail around.

As you can see below the colour combos are limitless!

If you’re on instagram tag me so I can see your work!

Happy hookin’!

You may sell items made from this pattern. Please direct people back to this page and do not sell or distribute as your own. Please use your own images

11150421_854030314691031_7404208705018064314_n 10407747_854700521290677_7924093999858042758_n


One thought on “QT Head bands – free pattern!

  1. Dee says:

    Thank you for sharing your pattern! I have a great niece who’ll be 1 yr. old in November and can’t wait to make a couple of these headbands for her to wear when winter comes..

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