Crochet Crown – Free Pattern

This is just my headband pattern but reworked to add the crown peaks!

10384110_882916208469108_2345094995695021141_n 10440839_882916148469114_3829636090792728044_n 11402667_882916248469104_7805364689060967742_n 11693818_889030327857696_104865303575860538_n

5mm hook, worsted weight yarn of your choice

0-3mths FDHDC 56 and slip stitch together to form a circle ch 2 and turn,

Row 2 HDC in the next 5 and then decrease. Continue until you have  48 HDC’s  join, ch 2 and turn
Row 3 – ? (You can pick the height of the crown so as many rows as you like!) Finish off and weave in ends

Rejoin yarn at the top row , 4 DC in the first stitch, picot, 3 DC in the same stitch, slip stitch into the next – continue around top of crown. Finish off and weave in ends

3-6mths FDHDC 60
Row 2 – the decrease on this are uneven – it’s about every 6th and then every 7th stitch as you go around until you have 52 HDC at the end of your row. Join and ch 2 Continue as 0-3mth pattern.
6-12mths FDHDC 64
Row 2 – HDC in the next 6 and then decrease. Continue around until you have 56 HDC. Continue as 0-3mth pattern
12-18mths FDHDC 68

Row 2 – the decreases on this are uneven – space them evenly until you have 60 HDC at the end of your row – continue as 0-3mth pattern
18mths – 10yrs approx. FDHDC 72

Row 2 – HDC in the next 7 then decrease – continue around until you have 64 HDC, continue as 0-3mth pattern


Oh hey there July!

Lazy blogger reporting for duty!  We are two days out from the school holidays and I’m actually looking forward to them, I always do. Nothing like two continuous weeks of Lazy Sunday brah! (it’s a teen titan thing)

We will hit the zoo a couple of times and the library as got some cool free Matariki stuff on. The boys want Dean to take them to the new Minions movie, we got discount mini golf passes and if the rain holds off we’re going to do a little hike in Totara Park. Peyton and I did it the other weekend with his scout troop and there’s a really cool playground in the middle.

Dean’s mum and Dad have been on a mini OE across Europe the whole of June. So cute to see them keeping up with the play on instagram and using their selfie stick.

Eli is nearly 4 – plans are well underway for his Thor party in August. It’s his last week of little kindy this week. He’s really loving big kindy and has made friends! He actually talks about it when he gets home – it’s so cool to see. I went on his first field trip with him last week to the observatory and that was really cool to be able to do that with him

Crochet is keeping me busy as always! Had to stop orders again for July as also trying to get ready for a market night.

Dean had his tattoo sleeve added to and it’s amazing. Three more sessions to go and then it’s my turn to touch up my back tatt and add a bit more to it. My dolphin is looking a little lost there all by herself. I had a nice quiet birthday with all my boys. Dean made the best oreo cheesecake. Seriously it’s the shiz – I would eat it everyday and never get sick of it.

The big boys are both in Kapa Haka so really looking forward to their performance in September. We are just over 100 days from our big holiday! Dean and I follow so many Disney accounts on Instagram now to keep us excited. I’m getting fat just thinking of all the good things I’m going to eat ha ha.

That’s all for now!

Will post a july holiday up date in a couple weeks – Mr Hunter is sick from school today with vomiting so I’m at his beck and call in between washing loads!!!!