Hey hey hey it’s nearly September!

Hey Blog land!

Been crazy busy in Team Hildreth world! We’ve all just been hit with some serious sickness which has not been fun! Even Dean took a day off work which is like a mythical thing to happen he seriously never takes a day off work for sickness! We all seem to be on the mend again now – Hunter went back to school today and Peyton will go back tomorrow. Was not fun seeing my boys burning up all weekend. Hooray for super juice and lemonade iceblocks!

Eli turned four at the start of August. Had such a great little party with a few of his select friends from Kindy. Was hilarious watching him bite the head of the Thor fondant topper – easily egged on by his big brothers until we intervened as he looked like he was going to throw up. I took him to the Kids Kingdom at Rainbow’s End the next day for his actual birthday and we had the best time and was a great little intro for him to theme park rides. Disneyland is seriously going to blow my boys minds!

Speaking of which we are on the serious countdown now! 57 days people!!! We secured our Mickey’s not so scary Halloween Party tickets last week and as soon as I’m done on here I’m booking our breakfast with Mickey.

Not much else to report here – the big boys have their Kapa Haka festival in a couple of weeks and we can’t wait to watch them perform



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