Is it Sunday yet?

I love my boys with all my heart but this holiday can not come any sooner!!!

Today they were not my children – they were complete ferals. I have no idea where there behaviour came from today but it was the type of behaviour where you as a parent want to find a rock to hide under. They climbed up into a friend’s kitchen pantry to look for something to eat (where’s that damn rock to hide under!!!???), had tantrums, answered back.

So it was straight home for lunch and to bed for all three. Only the oldest fell asleep for an hour and a half. Middle son fought it and was a general right royal pain in the butt until official bed time. Dean and I are shattered!

Tomorrow is another day to start fresh and another day closer to getting on that plane!


Hello world

Well it’s been another busy few weeks/months!

Going through some bridezilla bullshit at the moment with work that will hopefully blow over due to my contract protecting me. It honestly gutted me so bad right to my heart as I work so hard on every job I do and it is my baby. Thankfully for me I have a great support network of family and friends, some of who are involved in the wedding world and photography who have told me to stick to my guns and hold my head high because it was their mistake and not mine. So we will see what happens with that!

Hunter started school a few weeks ago. He is getting there! His birthday party was pretty epic so think he is still coming down from the high of that. He is so beautiful and head strong that there have been a few clashes but nothing major. He is happy and that is what is most important. It is such a different journey for us as parents to what we did with Peyton but a good journey still.

birthday boysuper family

1st day of shcool

Eli is just to smart for his own good. He’s currently sitting in a cardboard box colouring it in. He is my little Rembrandt. Think we might have to hit an art gallery soon to increase his love of art. He loves creating so much. Everyone I talk to and that has seen his drawings is always really impressed at the level he draws at for his age.

joker vs batmanartist at work#artbyeli

He misses the boys a bit during the day but we are loving it just the two of us together. He is also currently obsessed with Frozen. I found this great printable for him

so he can build his own snowman.

do you want to build a snowman

The Sunday just been was filled with beautiful people and friends and new friends made too at my good friend Tanya’s (owner of NZFINCH) baby shower. Nothing is cooler than a picnic baby shower in your backyard with the sun, great food and good friends. I won a bottle of Lindauer too so that’s always a bonus!

Six weeks until holiday time for Dean and I!!! Countdown is so on!

Right that’s the latest from me!

Another year nearly done and dusted

So I am a slack blogger/diary updater!!! NY’s resolution – write more!!!

This year has been crap in general, too much time in hospitals and sickness and injuries within our whole immediate and extended family. I am however truly grateful that they (bar one family member who has been fighting an ongoing battle for years on and off) were all easy enough to overcome and no-one died. Things can always be worse – and we know that on so many levels.

I’m listening to Christmas songs as I type this. I freaking love Christmas! Santa is very big in our house this year especially now Eli has fallen in love with him this season. We have visited 9 different santas and done about 13 visits!!!!! Our Christmas shopping is done. Just have to wrap everything. I’m on dessert for the day – trifle and oreo truffles, can’t wait to get into those! My father is over – so that will be either awkward or ok. I’m picking a bit of both. Hard to be excited he’s here when still getting my head around him being a small part of our lives again. Might have been different if he hadn’t moved – easier to re-stablish some sort of relationship.

We did our last light trail last night. Christmas tree cookies are on today’s to do list request of Peyton. Wrapping tonight. Make desserts tomorrow. Head to the Farmers Market in the morning. Hit the gym sometime in between all of that. Make santa signs with the boys and reindeer food! It’s not much to do really but with the shops in pandemonium mode with all the last minute shoppers like my brother in law it will probably take twice as long!

Dean and I cancelled our CrossFit memberships. We both love it but we have some big plans and those plans require a lot of savings so we have signed up at Jetts a 24hr gym for $10 a week each. We are having a pull up bar built at home too so still plenty of places to CrossFit.  Dropping the boys down to once a week. Hunter starts school in March and only really participates once a week anyway! Peyton is going to start scouts in the new year so we don’t want to overload them with after school activities in between homework and just having time to chill out! Peyton is excited about moving up to big kids classes. The preschool WODs aren’t long enough for him anymore and he’s made such amazing progress with it that he’s ready. Boo Boo aka Eli has been joining in on preschool classes and keeps up with everyone else for the most part even though he’s only 2.5yrs.

I’ve got one wedding to photograph way way way up in Northland. New 600D arriving before then yahness! Have put the 1000D through her paces the past nearly four years. Shutter count of nearly 50,000 on it and still going but feel this year will be it’s last.
I always get nervous photographing weddings but love it too. Think the four hour drive by myself will be more nerving than anything! Plan on leaving here at 6.30am to leave me plenty of time to get up there without stressing. Wedding not until 1pm so I should get there in time 😉

2014 looks to be an exciting year for Team Hildreth. I’m looking forward to diving into it head first and making it an amazing year for our little tribe.

So from my family to yours Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!merrychristmas
Oh and below is our Jimmy Kimmel video – my boys are officially awesome!

Sorry Sugar Free September I cheated on you!

But it was freaking worth it and I wasn’t too bad ha ha. Saturday was a birthday feast and I couldn’t pass up a chocolate cream puff – they are my absolute favourite dessert! Thankfully there was lots of great primal options (our friends aren’t primal!) including a mouth watering lamb on the spit. Absolutely divine!

Today was our CrossFit Coach’s surprise baby shower so it was all paleo treats – I sure had my fill of them! So glad the baby shower surprise was a great hit with Jo (and bonus our yelling surprise didn’t put her on labour ha ha!). Can’t wait to meet Jr!


IMG_0504 IMG_0513

IMG_0519 IMG_0554

IMG_0562 IMG_0569

It’s raining and I’m over hospitals











I have been so busy with life the past few months that I haven’t had a chance to sit down and blog it out. I have time now.

Not in way I had hoped though. Peyton is spending his eighth night in hospital. Or Suckstipal as I’ve renamed it. The nurses are amazing and we are really being looked after it just sucks that we can’t be at home. It’s messing with our family dynamic. We just want to all be at home together again.

Little man is fighting off a muscle infection which apparently is just bad luck to get. He has a PICC line inserted in his arm that goes all the way into his chest. Dean and I learnt how to administer his antibiotics today. Dean is way more comfortable with it than I am. I’m worried I will screw it up once we get him home.

The past two months have been crap healthwise for us! Dean slipped his L5 disc in his back causing a prolapse and his hydrocortisone injections haven’t worked so he will need keyhole surgery. The only silver lining to that is that while he is off work getting ACC he has been able to watch Eli and Hunter and take shifts up at the hospital to give me a break.

Hunter’s eczema has been really bad – he is so allergic to dustmites at his kindergarten he is not allowed to physically sit on the carpet until it’s replaced.

Boo Boo has been good. He has really grown up this past month leading up to his second birthday/turning two and the few weeks after. His speech is amazing and he blows us all away with how smart he is. He moved into his big boy bed with no attachment issues to the cot.

Baby stuff is vanishing from our house as we pass it on to friends beginning their parenthod journey. I’ve packed away the things I’m to attached to in hopes I can bring them out for my grandchildren one day on the DISTANT future.

It’s raining but the rain is peaceful. Peyton asked to fall asleep to ‘Count on me’ by Bruno Mars but he loves it to much to fall asleep to it. “I need a sleepy song Mummy please.” So I put on the hauntingly beautiful “Safe and Sound” from The Hunger Games. Got to get my Swifty music in some how!

We have been showered in gifts for Peyton and meals from our rocking Crossfit family. I highly doubt we’d get this amount of support from an ordinary gym. This is what we love about Crossfit – the community of like minded people.

As much as I am over the hospital I am sooooo grateful that it is just a muscle infection. He will get better. We can fix this. We can take him home.

Those first couple of days when he was fighting fevers and they had no known cause for the pain in his leg I reached ultimate states of panic while keeping a calm demeanour on the outside. They wanted to do an MRI. Cancer, shit shit he’s going to have cancer. Dean’s family history isn’t fantastic with cancer so this is where my mind immediately went. And after doing a hell of a lot of reading on childhood cancers and families suffering through it thanks to stumbling across ROCKSTAR RONAN, I knew all to well how quickly happy families were destroyed.

I am forever grateful that it wasn’t and I pray it never is for us.

Right that’s enough rambling from me tonight. I’m going to go fall asleep to the sound of the rain outside my window.

Hopefully we will be able to get home tomorrow.

Chocolate playdough and mud puddles




Now that Peyton is at school and Hunter is at kindy five mornings a week Eli is getting a lot of one on one time with his favourite person – me!

He seems to be adjusting his sleeps from mornings back to afternoons especially if he sleeps through the night!

This morning after our school/kindy run we finally made playdough together. It’s been on my to do list for months but somehow we just never got around to it and they just played with the store bought stuff.

Kindy made chocolate playdough the other week so feeling all inspired we did too. After a quick pinterest search for a playdough recipe as I couldn’t find mine we got started. Eli tasted the flour – he was not impressed ha ha. He ran to the bathroom for a facecloth to get rid of the taste out of his mouth. We added chocolate essence, ground ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon and cocoa powder to our mix.



It smelled soooooo good! It was like playing with chocolate fudge.

This was the recipe we used


(Hunter had a great afternoon playing with it too while Eli had his nap).

After playdough and yet another Wiggles dvd we went to the park and fed the ducks. This is Eli’s new favourite thing to do. We save the crusts that the boys don’t eat from their sandwiches. Eli is getting really good at feeding them and isn’t scared anymore after his first duck feeding experience (poor boy was surrounded!!!)

Ducks feed and chased and it was time for a swing and many instagram videos later! Seriously I am obsessed with this latest update on instagram! It is awesome. Unfortunately my phone battery died so I lost them all and didn’t even get to take one of Eli and the mud puddle.

It was a glorious moment in his toddlerhood. It was the best muddiest puddle. He needed no encouragement and jumped right in. Good muddy fun. Lots of jumping in and out, stomping and throwing big sticks in it. It ended with a great splosh as he fell over backwards in it. Most pleased with himself as we ran back to the car where he wiped his muddy hands all over the outside of the doors!

He left the park in his singlet and nappy – he wasn’t impressed at being this naked!

I plan for another day of messiness tomorrow – might even head back to that mud puddle but be better prepared this time!


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