Our Trip!

Well Dean has been well and truly bitten by the Disneyland bug. I told him it was contagious. I’ve been carrying it around for ten years and going back just felt like going home.



We loved pretty much everything about California (the small part we got to see!). Santa Monica is lovely. Hollywood  was interesting you could say and not anywhere we will be rushing back to. At least we can say we’ve been there done that.

Shopping oh the shopping! Seriously ripped off back down here in little ole NZ. I mean come on Ralph Lauren Jeans for $20 USD VS $180 NZD. And the selection even for things like toys was about triple what we get here. So we did a fair bit of shopping. Was a bit like Xmas morning when the boys got home from school that afternoon. Did all their Xmas shopping too so that’s all been put away until December. We did Citadel which was awesome and of course we hit Walmart, Target and a couple of little shoe and dickies shops.IMG_5452


Baseball game was a tonne of fun and lucky for us we were surrounded by Yankees fans! Go the Yankees! And go that massive nacho hat bowl – omg so goooood! Definitely a must do at a game along with a nice big Corona. Fantastic atmosphere and gotta love the Rally Monkey!


I’m really glad we did another day at Disneyland especially as Indiana Jones had reopened (was supposed to be open the first day we went but wasn’t quite ready yet!). Even though it broke down nine times the cast members were fantastic and we got given free fast passes to use on any other ride in either park (apart from Radiator Springs Racers and World of Color). Taking Dean to Disneyland in fact Cal in general was like taking an excited child. Man he was so cute! We had a blast pulling different faces on rides, single rider is awesome as we weren’t worried about being in the same ride together all the time. Half the time we got on the same ride together anyway! 5 min wait VS an hour wait for the Matterhorn I know what I will choose every time! Fireworks were magical, food was pretty damn good. Can highly recommend the Firehouse Sundae from the Icecream Parlour on Main St.  We didn’t try a Dole Whip but have added it to our must do’s for next time.IMG_0461IMG_0478aIMG_5666

Downtown Disney is just a fun place to hang out. I didn’t have a churro in the parks but got one there and it was my little piece of dessert heaven.


Yes there will be a next time! Next year December actually with all the boys. Watch out California Team Hildreth is coming and we bring the fun! The boys are excited and Eli will be tall enough for most of the rides (just over 40 inches). We’re planning on doing two weeks in California and doing LEGOLAND and a Chargers game too. We were going to wait until Eli was about 8 but decided life’s too short so California here we come!


Another year nearly done and dusted

So I am a slack blogger/diary updater!!! NY’s resolution – write more!!!

This year has been crap in general, too much time in hospitals and sickness and injuries within our whole immediate and extended family. I am however truly grateful that they (bar one family member who has been fighting an ongoing battle for years on and off) were all easy enough to overcome and no-one died. Things can always be worse – and we know that on so many levels.

I’m listening to Christmas songs as I type this. I freaking love Christmas! Santa is very big in our house this year especially now Eli has fallen in love with him this season. We have visited 9 different santas and done about 13 visits!!!!! Our Christmas shopping is done. Just have to wrap everything. I’m on dessert for the day – trifle and oreo truffles, can’t wait to get into those! My father is over – so that will be either awkward or ok. I’m picking a bit of both. Hard to be excited he’s here when still getting my head around him being a small part of our lives again. Might have been different if he hadn’t moved – easier to re-stablish some sort of relationship.

We did our last light trail last night. Christmas tree cookies are on today’s to do list request of Peyton. Wrapping tonight. Make desserts tomorrow. Head to the Farmers Market in the morning. Hit the gym sometime in between all of that. Make santa signs with the boys and reindeer food! It’s not much to do really but with the shops in pandemonium mode with all the last minute shoppers like my brother in law it will probably take twice as long!

Dean and I cancelled our CrossFit memberships. We both love it but we have some big plans and those plans require a lot of savings so we have signed up at Jetts a 24hr gym for $10 a week each. We are having a pull up bar built at home too so still plenty of places to CrossFit.  Dropping the boys down to once a week. Hunter starts school in March and only really participates once a week anyway! Peyton is going to start scouts in the new year so we don’t want to overload them with after school activities in between homework and just having time to chill out! Peyton is excited about moving up to big kids classes. The preschool WODs aren’t long enough for him anymore and he’s made such amazing progress with it that he’s ready. Boo Boo aka Eli has been joining in on preschool classes and keeps up with everyone else for the most part even though he’s only 2.5yrs.

I’ve got one wedding to photograph way way way up in Northland. New 600D arriving before then yahness! Have put the 1000D through her paces the past nearly four years. Shutter count of nearly 50,000 on it and still going but feel this year will be it’s last.
I always get nervous photographing weddings but love it too. Think the four hour drive by myself will be more nerving than anything! Plan on leaving here at 6.30am to leave me plenty of time to get up there without stressing. Wedding not until 1pm so I should get there in time 😉

2014 looks to be an exciting year for Team Hildreth. I’m looking forward to diving into it head first and making it an amazing year for our little tribe.

So from my family to yours Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!merrychristmas
Oh and below is our Jimmy Kimmel video – my boys are officially awesome!

Just another day!

2013-04-22 14.07.352013-04-22 14.08.502013-04-22 15.22.582013-04-22 15.12.312013-04-22 16.30.57

Well it’s officially the school holidays but of course to us that means nothing except no kindy for Hunter and easier to catch up with non-homeschooling friends.

The only formal work Peyton did yesterday was handwriting and he wrote a story about a dinosaur (surprise surprise lol). We watched The Lorax and read it for Earth day and then Peyton drew a picture of Truffula trees. Small discussion on trees and why we need them.

We were supposed to meet someone at Whitcoulls that is interested in homeschooling but we were running a bit late and then the torrential down pour when we arrived at the shoping centre did not help that anymore. We missed them but still enjoyed our hot chocolates and fluffies (I much prefer the name babycino!). We explored Whitcoulls for a bit then I made the executive decision to shoot on over to the temporary Pumpkin Patch outlet store to get a winter jacket for Peyton.

The discussion in the car as we travelled from one shopping centre to the next was a guessing game. The boys and I took turns describing dinosaurs (and then it moved on to animals) and it was really cool to hear all the information they had learnt about dinosaurs from the past few months be put into action. Want to know about dinosaurs just come on over! Learning on the go always!

Mission Jacket was completed complete with escaping toddler, me running and abandoning the jacket on the floor in my hast to catch Eli before he escaped the shop! Lesson learnt for me – ALWAYS take the pushchair!!!!!

We still had time up our sleeves before Crossfit so we moved on to the furniture shop a bit further down the road and paid a 50% deposit on Eli’s new big boy bed. Now it really is time to sell the baby furniture! So that has been photographed this morning and will be going on Trademe later on today when I find the camera cord!

Mad dash home to grab Peyton’s sneakers for crossfit and then to the gym to drop him off. It’s great now Dean is interning as the kids coach as it means I don’t have to stay as Dean brings Peyton home we do a quick handover of parenting duties then I got to Crossfit. Monday afternoons are a little mad. The madness has been made easier by cooking the week’s meals for those hectic afternoons on Sundays and freezing them. Still good nutrition and saves us at least an hour a day!

End of an era

2013-04-21 10.00.12

Today I went to the Plunket Baby Fair with a car load of clothing, toys and other baby paraphanalia and labelled the table I was at “THE MAKE ME AN OFFER TABLE!” I wanted to get rid of as much stuff as possible!

2hrs later and I was left with only 2 containers of stuff and all the big bulky stuff gone and $179 more in my wallet than what I arrived with. Success!

Once home we sorted again through the clothing and made 2 piles – one for stuff to still try and get a little money for and the rest to donate to the clothing bin outside of Hunter’s kindy. So this week’s job is to list all the left over stuff on Trademe and put that money with the money that was made today to go towards a big boy bed for Eli.

Then it will be bye bye cot and bye bye change table and bye bye phil and teds pushchair (which we have survived without and has sat folded unused in Eli’s room for over a year).  Pretty soon the only baby stuff left in this house will be my one container of my few favourite outfits and all the beautiful hand knitted woolens that my Mum had made before she died. The handknits are all waiting patiently for my brother and sister for when they both have kids! Which had better not be any time soon for Kim as much as I would love to be an Aunty!

I’m not sad at all that we are at the end of our baby stage. I don’t get clucky when I see a pregnant belly or a newborn. Eli is nearly the same age that Peyton was when Hunter was born and I can’t even imagine him being an older brother. He will always be my littlest baby boy – my Boo Boo, my naughty cute danger baby.

I took him with me to look at beds and he fell in love with the fire engine bed which to his disappointment we are not going to be getting! It was nice just having time with him and only him. He smiles at me from his seat and says in the sweetest voice “Mummmmmy!” “Eli!” I reply back and he giggles. “Just you and me baby!” I tell him and the “Mummy!” “Eli!” chat continues on for another 10 minutes.

2013-04-21 14.44.242013-04-21 16.28.222013-04-21 16.30.42

I am looking forward to the next chaper in parenting with all our boys at the ages and stages they are at. I will miss those winter nights snuggling my newborn but I have no desire to go back and repeat them again! This uterus has closed shop indefinitely